Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Creetown Crier Ode

Ode to Bellman James Blake

O, James, thou self-made king o’ bellmen,
You voice has aye that ring o’ welcome,
When roon’ the toon’ in weathers a’
You bring the news tae great an’ sma’,
Of watter aff, and meetin’ on-
An ere a wife dauds oot a scone,
Ye bring her rinnin’ tae the street,
The tinkle o’ your bell tae greet.
Your place no man can ever take,
Theres’ no’ anither Jimmy Blake:
And so in these few lines I proy
You’ll ring yer bell for mony a day.

James Blake  Additional verse on Retirement
For years ye’ve rung and gied the news,
And noo in reminiscing mews, ye’ll tak’ yer rest,
Weel kenin’ that the job’s richt din,
Ye gied yer best.

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