Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Week 2: Creetown Flags (part 2b)

Creetown Communications

' Creetoun is a wee seaport toun in th' Stewartry o' Kirkcudbright, which forms pairt o' th' Galloway in th' Dumfries 'n' Galloway cooncil area in south-west Scotlund.

It's situated near th' heid o' Wigtoun Bay, 18 mi. West o' Castle Douglas. Th' toun wis originally caud Ferrytoun o' Cree. Th' village dates frae 1785, 'n' it became a burgh o' barony in 1792'.  
                                                                                           (‘Creetown’ c/o Wikipedia, translated into Scots)

Creetoun’s demographics ur changing as young fowk lea fur th' cities 'n' retirees flit tae th' area. It’s population is aboot 640 fowk.

Ah met a local man wi' a vested interest in Creetoun's history - he tellt me tae focus oan th' 'here 'n' noo, dinnae look backwurds. Whit mak's Creetoun unique noo? Whit's distinctive aboot Creetoun noo?

Mibbie it’s th' geography? – it’s overlooked by Cairnsmore 'n' ye cannae git intae Creetoun wi'oot crossing burns. Mibbie it’s th' social lee - thare ur loads o' clubs operatin` in th' village? Mibbie it’s th' pairt that th' kirk haes played in th' village fur generations?

Whit Scots is spoken in Creetoun noo? – he asked... ....ur thair wurds or phrases that ur unique tae th' parish? ur fowk usin` thair Scots?

Ah asked him aboot his hopes fur th' future o' Creetoun. He said, weel ye'v seen th' shops?!...... an a' hope fur a fully integrated community, yin that recognises th' best o' th' past 'n' th' best o' th' present. Something guid cuid come oot o' that.

N.B. I'm Scottish - from Dumfries & Galloway. Very sadly for me - the translation of the above text into ‘Scots’ (my mother tongue) is in part - courtesy of –  not the most reliable translation tool ?!– so, corrections welcome.

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